TunesGo Review: Best Online Music MP3 Extractor, Downloader and Recorder

Wondershare-TunesGo Review

TunesGo is an app designed by wondershare for windows, android and iOS platforms that helps you to transfer, organize, discover record, download and share music on all these different platforms. This is an unbiased review of the TunesGo app for android, windows and iOS device and let’s see how well it performs on all the different operating systems and is it worth the money you spend on it or not.

Features of TunesGo : TunesGo Review

Following are some of the main features of TunesGo app, go through the article to explore all the things you can do with this app.

1. Transfer Irrespective of Platform: 

The main purpose of this app is to transfer music from one device to another irrespective of the platforms of the devices. You can transfer music from an android device to an iOS device and you don’t even need to use iTunes anywhere for the transfer.

Suppose you are having two separate devices, one runs on android and other is rocking iOS. You bought music from iTunes and you want the same track on your other device. You will have to buy the same track again to have the same song on both devices which is not a smart option if you ask me and that is where the TunesGo app comes in handy. You can transfer the music you have on your iOS device to your android device without having to pay a penny extra.

2. Organize Easily:

This feature of the TunesGo app doesn’t seem very useful until you give it a try. Your music library consists of hundreds of song tracks, in iOS devices it is rather organized but android users can relate to the scenario where the track is wrongly named, half downloaded and missing the crucial information like the name of the artist and the display image of the track. Well nobody has the time to listen to each of the track and organize them but the TunesGo app does it for you.

TunesGo Review 2016

With one tap, the TunesGo app will change cover art with the official cover of the track or album, delete duplicates and remove missing or broken tracks from the playlist. Now your playlist looks better than ever.

3. Download Music from YouTube:

You can also download music using the TunesGo app on your device irrespective of the operating system as it works same on all. You can download music, playlist and videos from YouTube using the TunesGo music downloader and music recorder. You can download songs free using the TunesGo MP3 downloader.

Download Music from YouTube

Downloading tracks from YouTube is not as easy as it seems, the offline feature of the YouTube app doesn’t seem to help either, you can only download selected videos and that too are non-transferable between other devices and that is where the TunesGo app takes edge. The music you download TunesGo can be shared with other devices as well unlike the YouTube app. The method of downloading is simple and then convert YouTube to MP3, or YouTube to MP4 depending on your preference.

4. Discover Music From 1000 of Music Sites:

Music lovers will go crazy after this feature of this app. You can discover new music of your taste and find new favourites to listen to all day.If the music on YouTube isn’t enough, TunesGo will fetch music from more than 1,000 other online music sites and make sure you find a track that speaks your heart.

You can find the music that is just right for you and you will get tracks from over 1,000online music sites, check the tracks out in your spare time and make your leisure time a lot more relaxing as well as productive. You can also download the tracks on your device or listen to them online.

5. Sharing is so Easy:

Share is one of the finest features of this app which makes it social and a lot more user friendly. You can easily share you tracks from one device to other irrespective of the operating system on the devices. If you compare the app with other similar apps you will find this is the feature most of the other apps are missing.


The app also allows you to backup all your iTunes data on any computer such as music, playlists, movie, podcasts, TV shows even. You can also backup all the data on external hard drive.


Spotify and Moviebox are some major competitors of the app but the fact that the download format is only Spotify to mp3 gives TunesGo the needed edge. We believe at $39.95 the app is a steal and you must give TunesGo a try and see how well it serves you. Thanks for reading and comment your views below using the comment section what you thing about the TunesGo app.

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