What Type of Hosting Do You Need in 2016?

Types of Web Hostings

When today’s business scenario is kept in mind, it is notable that every businessman is shifting to the online business too. So, it is quite difficult to choose the type of hosting for a user who is new to the market due to havoc of web hosts available and their number of hosting packages with other websites creating biased review for the sake of getting commission from the respective web host.

The well settled online entrepreneurs’ face these questions whether what type of hosting do they need for further business expansion. This post will definitely going to be a big help in choosing the type of hosting best suitable for your need. If you need any help regarding your E Commerce website we have E Commerce Solution too.


Firstly I should clarify various terms which you will be reading frequently while making searches regarding this context:

General But Very Important Hosting Terms

Web Space

If you have already gone through the hosting packages of various brands then you must have read this term. Web Space is the amount of space which is required by the buyer for his/ her website. So, web space mainly refers to the Files and Email Storage capacity.

The email storage capacity is chosen when the user requires distributing the email accounts to his/her employees and expects email traffic too. Mostly, all the web hosts, provide the email services with their hosting packages, but if you do not want the services, go for the GoDaddy web host as provides limited emails, or optional too. Similarly WPEngine is the web host which does not provide email facility.

But if you require the Email functionality, then it should depend according to the number of mailboxes that you need. Mailboxes will be defined according to the number of employees whom do you want to provide the email boxes of the websites.

NOTE: The bigger organizations require the mailbox functionalities as they have a hierarchical approach so each and every designation requires an email account. So, if anyone needs to host their blog for his/her personal experience; then don’t bother about this facility.

Bandwidth/ Data Transfer

Bandwidth generally refers to the Data transfer of the website. The various web hosts even provide the unlimited bandwidth monthly usage. But there are options of many brands who have limited bandwidth offerings.

So, what is bandwidth? It is the amount of data usage when a visitor comes to your website or you send email or get email to/from a user. For simpler understanding, if a page of your website with size of 3 MB is opened by a visitor, it would be said that 3 MB of bandwidth is used or the 3 MB data has been transferred.

Since, the businessmen will require the maximum numbers of visitors, it is recommended for them to go for the type of hosting which gives the unlimited bandwidth ACTUALLY.


Domain Name is basically the name of the website with an extension of dot com, dot us or others according to the areas. It is very necessary for the people to choose who have to sell or promote a product. Suppose if a user (Lee) has business of a small business of chocolates, he can choose the domain name to be leechocolates.com so that visitors could remember the domain name easily.

Talking technically, domain name is representing the Internet protocol as the IP cannot be remembered by a user easily. So, DNS (Domain Name System) was deployed for the domain names distribution which is also to be bought.

So, if you have now understood the above terms successfully, now it is the time to discuss the types of hosting which are generally offered by the web hosts to the users.

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Types of Hosting

Type of Hosting

  1. Free Hosting

Off course, as the name suggests, free hosting is the hosting which is offered free of cost to the users. It is best for the people who are just starting a website to share personal experience or creating their own pool-of-pies.

However, on the contrary, if a businessman opts for this type of hosting, it would turn to be a nightmare for him. The host which is providing this free service also has to make money and they put advertisements on your website which the visitors can see. So, suppose if you have started he website to promote a product and similar kind of product is being advertised on your webpage by the free web host, it could turn a huge loss for your business and product. So, a paid service should be opted in such cases.

Below given services are paid and differ on their reliability, speed, affordability, maintenance, scalability, customer support and many such characteristics. So have a look:

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting generally are meant for the newcomers who have less knowledge and have started their career for online existence. So, why to opt for the costly ones when the online existence initiative can be taken through shared hosting.

Technically, in shared hosting, the user shares the server with a number of more such users. That means a number of websites run simultaneously on the same server. But as a start, it is quite significant for the user. So, the beginners should go through various shared plans of various brands. HostGator,iPage and BlueHost offer a plenty of affordable shared hosting plans which are recommended by me as they offer unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth.

  1. Virtual Private Hosting

Virtual Private hosting (VPS) contains the virtual servers which are not real. Shared servers have a disadvantage of lesser security and often fail when huge traffic comes at a time. In this a part of server is dedicated only to the users which mean no other person will be using that part of the server. And thus it increases the degree of security, more speed and reliability.

The businessmen who have approached to a better level and having daily visitors greater than 7000, should switch to the VPS hosting. More bucks should be paid in that case. Choose that VPS brand which is affordable with the factors of speed, reliability, customer support and scalability in consideration. I recommend choosing the VPS services of iPage and Bluehost.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting is the advanced stage of hosting the websites. The overgrown business with the daily visitors more than 30,000 require high degree of security, features, speed, uptime and YES the user’s control unlike the shared one.

In that case, one should choose the CPU configuration (RAM, processor, frequency of processor), cache, hard disk space and other similar factors. Dedicated servers also come with plenty of features with manageable and unmanageable options. Managed ones are costly and the web host automatically manages the servers. Other ones are beneficial for the users having technical background as they have full control on the server and can manage their servers as per the need. Unmanaged dedicated hosting is cheaper than managed dedicated hosting.

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Although HostGator, BlueHost, FatCow and other such reputed brands have dedicated hosting plans, yet I recommend choosing the dedicated hosting of SoftLayer.

So, guys! I think now that this article would be very useful for you to choose type of hosting which is suitable for your website and business. Still if you have queries, feel free to ask questions related to hosting. We will help you out within a day.

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