Which Type of Office is Right for Your Business?

Type of Office

As a business owner in the 21st century, it can be hard to find the right space to work in. Modern ways of working mean that many office spaces are now unsuitable for certain industries. On top of this, the modern worker has much greater expectations from physical office spaces than just a few years ago. Having said that, modern communications have made many features of the 90’s and early 2000’s offices redundant: once an office staple, fax machines have now become a thing of the past or a largely unused relic. Computers are now smaller yet paradoxically more powerful than ever before, and the use of virtual filing systems is freeing up physical office space; there is less of a need for stationery as the modern office strives to become ‘paper free’. Landline telephones are becoming less used as mobile phones offer workers more flexibility to work on-the-go.

By virtue of some of the many changes to technology and the way the modern world goes about its business, offices are evolving too. Here are three different office types – which is the best one for your business?

1. The Traditional Office

Traditional Office

The traditional office works for some businesses, especially if they have the resources to keep on top of everyday housekeeping. However, as ways of working evolve, so the traditional office is becoming less popular. A typical office may consist of partitioned working spaces, a monochrome color scheme, dated carpets, a water cooler in the corner and a neglected kitchenette. As a business owner, it is up to you how the office looks and operates but it’s also likely your workforce is just too busy to keep on top of basic housekeeping and hygiene. Everyone puts up with a little mess, but over time the cumulative effect can be both demoralizing and unhealthy.

2. The Serviced Office

It makes sense for a modern small to medium business to operate within a Serviced Office, like those offered by Devono. Your business and its employees deserve to work in a lively, clean and open-plan environment. The effect is a thriving, happy workplace where staff can concentrate on doing their job. Modern serviced offices offer a variety of different workspaces; there is a serviced office out there for your business’ needs. Many are unconventional and offer innovative solutions to everyday office problems. Layouts can be imaginative as well as functional, providing inspiration whilst promoting efficiency.

3. The Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Technology has now made it possible for certain businesses to do without a physical office altogether. Many businesses offer its employees the flexibility to ‘work from home’, whilst maintaining access to all they need to do their job. Cloud-based software is enabling workers to have access to documents and collaborative software helps people to work together on the same project remotely. The virtual office offers great flexibility for many businesses, but the lack of a physical operating space can sometimes be a source of frustration for business owners and staff.

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