UrbanClap Review:Finding the Best Professional for Getting your Job Done

UrbanClap Review

We are living in a contemporary world where everyone is busy in rat race of making more and more money. No one has time to invest on household jobs or any other activity apart from making money. At the same time, people often find it really difficult to find a good professional aid in less time. Most of us are so busy that we hardly find any time to get out of our schedule to look after other responsibilities. In such a situation an app named UrbanClap has emerged out to a ray of hope for people, who are really busy in their daily schedule.

UrbanClap Review: Finding the Best Professional for Getting your Job Done

UrbanClap is the phenomenal mobile app that is available for free both on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. It is the ultimate destination for finding any professional service from plumber to guitar teacher at your nearest location. You can hire the best professional to serve you with just few taps on the mobile screen. You just need to mention your requirements and set your budget; the professionals for the particular service will be listed accordingly. Go through this UrbanClap review and find out how UrbanClap app can solve your problems in moment of seconds.

What Actually Is UrbanClap?

UrbanClap is the single stop solution for your most basic needs. It offers specialized services ranging from beautician to tax consultant and from photographer to wedding planner to a legal advisor. UrbanClap is presently focused to few metropolitan cities of India including Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore. It allows the user to demand the desired as per his/her timings in soothing budget.

UrbanClap Review

How UrbanClap was founded?

UrbanClap has become one of the largest mobile services in India in present time. UrbanClap was founded by the Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra. Abhiraj and Varun were the students of IIT Kanpur who worked with The Boston Consulting Group for few years and Raghav was the engineer at Twitter. The trio met each other through a mutual friend and went on discussing the concept of this phenomenal app which is leading with the name UrbanClap today. They raised Rs.10 Crore in funding round from Accel Partners, SAID Partners, and Snapdeal.

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What UrbanClap Offers?

UrbanClap offers professional aid to people looking for it. One simply needs to download UrbanClap app from PlayStore or AppStore to hire professionals for their service through mobile with just a few taps. Professional services like Electrician, Plumber, Home Cleaning, Carpenter, AC Repair services, Birthday Party Planner, Guitar Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Makeup Artist, Interior Designer, Photographer, Wedding Planner and hundreds of other services are provided by UrbanClap app.

How UrbanClap Works?

The app provides hassle free working for the convenience of user. Just four simple steps and you are done.

  • Explain the Requirements: You just need to tell your requirements about the professional aid you are seeking for.

Explain Requirement - UrbanClap Review

  • Get Introduced: UrbanClap will connect you to the list of professionals to talk with.

meet Professional UrbanClap Review

  • View Profiles: You can view the profile of each and every professional and get custom quotes from them for their services.

View Profile UrbanClap Review

  • Contact & Hire: Now contact the professionals whose quote is the best and hire him/her after a discussion.

Contact&Hire UrbanClap Review

Top Features of UrbanClap App

UrbanClap has gained too much of popularity in no time. The app is not even a year old, but has around 4000 customers every day. Some of the key features of this app that will surely influence you are listed here.

  • Large Range of Professional Services: UrbanClap offers a huge range of professional services to people. You can find just any service at your doorstep without the need of going out for professional aid.
  • Easy & Convenient: You can find these professional services while sitting at home or office. In short, you need not to give extra time in searching for these services place to place and then finding the best one. All things are done in few taps on your mobile screen.
  • Location Based Search: You can search for the professional aid based on location. The app auto detects your location and provides you the best services near your location. However, you have an option to change your location anytime.
  • Best Price: With a good competition going on, most of the professionals tend to provide quality set of services at a really cut throat price.
  • Easy Payment Options: Payment process is really easy. Just hire the right professional and make payments through credit/debit cards or through internet banking.
  • Rating System: This is the best part at UrbanClap. You hire the professional, take his/her service and rate that professional. In this way other users can stay informed about the quality of services offered by that professional to you. Also, in this case, the professional tends to provide the most authentic services to the customer.

Why One Should Use UrbanClap App?

There are numbers o reasons that will surely force to use this powerful app. A few of them have been listed here:

  • UrbanClap is the home for finding quality professional services.
  • It is convenient to hire professionals through UrbanClap app.
  • You find the cheapest and the best services.

How to Use UrbanClap App?

If you are using a mobile app for the first time on your smart phone then here is the step by step guide for using UrbanClap app on your Smartphone.

How to use UrbanClap- UrbanClap Review

  • It will detect your location automatically, but you can change it later on.
  • Now make a selection of the service needed by you. In my case, I have chosen Mobile Repair.
  • Now, you get to know few things that are important for you to look at before booking this service.

Mobile Reparing UrbanClap Review

  • Select Warranty Status and Brand in case of ‘Mobile repair’ service.

Under Warranty UrbanClap Review 2016

  • Select the issue faced by you. You are even allowed to choose more than one issue at a time. After this schedule the date of pick up.
  • Proceed ahead for booking and pay the total amount due on you.

This is how you can hire a professional service for getting your job done at UrbanClap. Download and install this app on your smart phone and book the required service now.

Final Words

UrbanClap is an exceptional well that is now been loved by people. With over 4000+ requests every day, UrbanClap has gained quick momentum in no time. UrbanClap is making people happy by offering the timely and quality services at best price. Go ahead and book a professional service now.

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