How to Use Technology to Make Money Fast in 2023

Make Money Fast

Just the term “make money fast” kind of makes you cringe, right? It summons up schemes and illegitimate ways that, much like a crash diet, won’t pay off in the end. The cold, hard truth of the matter, though, is that this is the situation many of us find ourselves in as we head into this new year. And unlike in days past, there are now legitimate ways to make money quickly that embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. All hail the internet! If you are in this boat but need some guidance, we can help. Read on for ways to use technology to make money fast in 2019.

Apps FTW

These days, there seems to be an app for everything, and making money in a jiffy is no exception. While you won’t get rich from many of these options, they offer a nice cushion as a side hustle or to help in between gigs. You can get paid to simply shop online with iBotta, Swag Bucks, and CheckPoints. If you’ve got to shop anyway, why not get paid for it? You can also run errands with apps like Field Agent and Task Rabbit. Of course, everyone now knows about the opportunity to drive for Uber or Lyft. If you don’t enjoy small talk or your car isn’t exactly worthy of passengers, consider delivering food for an app like Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Postmates. If you’re consistent with this kind of work, you might be pleasantly surprised by how much money you can earn. This is particularly true if you pay attention to their promotions, as these companies will often pay you more during high-traffic hours. If you’ve heard of these things but would like to delve in a bit more, use a site like Dollar Daddy for advice.

Start or Ramp Up a Blog

Start Blogging

Poof, done! Uh, not exactly. The first thing you need to know is that not only does launching a blog take time but making money off of it takes even longer. So bear with us, as this doesn’t stick with our “make money fast” theme. However, if you’ve got writing, marketing, and design skills and you’re an expert in something, starting a blog about said the topic could be the way to go. As long as you are patient and stick with it, you can make a living even from monetizing your blog. Whether you make money off ads, start selling products in your blog store, sell some sort of services from the blog, or other, this blog could be the key to making money and possibly even avoiding working for someone else ever again. We highly recommend going with a professional designer and regularly referring to blogging resources to make sure you are putting your best and most professional image out there.

Provide Tech Assistance

If you’re looking for work and are technically inclined, perhaps you could be your own source of tapping into money in a way you’ve never thought of before. Even people who have been resistant to technology in the past now know there is no getting around it so, at some point, these people will need to turn to someone for help. This is where you come in. While you could get a job at a tech help desk, you could also go the entrepreneurial route and open your own tech assistance business. As this article by notes, “You can start a company from home that helps people with their tech queries. They can contact you and get you to solve problems and teach them how to do things. It’s a brilliant way of making cash while reducing the amount you have to spend.” Lee goes on to note that you could make even more money if you focus on offering these services to companies, as they are often willing to pay a lot to make tech issues go away quickly.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

You can’t simply throw something to the proverbial wall and sees what sticks when it comes to this. Then again, you also don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ve surely heard about the six-year-old that made $11 million in one year by reviewing toys on YouTube! And there are plenty of gamers who make money off people watching them do what they love … play video games. If you have something you’re passionate about and arm yourself with the knowledge of how to monetize your channel, go for it.

Gone are the days when making money fast meant something sketchy. Try any (or all!) of these ways to make cash this year and allow yourself some much-needed financial wiggle room.

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  1. This is a great resource! I especially like that you highlight both short-term options like using apps to earn money while shopping or running errands, and longer-term options like starting a blog or YouTube channel.

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