Using Warehouse Racking To Fit Out Your Warehouse

Warehouse Racking

Whether you are refitting your existing company warehouse or just acquired a new one, it is essential to ensure that you purchase durable and good quality furnishings to make sure your warehouse storage system lasts for many years.  There are certain warehouse essentials that all warehouses should have, like warehouse racking, along with an entire range of extras like a workbench or rubber matting that might or might not be relevant for your business. However, it is definitely worth considering them.

Warehouse racking is essential and is the best kind of warehouse storage by far. However, there are a number of different styles and types that are available, so make sure you do your research to ensure you are purchasing the racking that suits your needs the best. First of all, consider how much the items weigh that you are planning to store. If you are a clothing company, you might need to have garment rails. However, most types of business will need to have some kind of shelving or another type of storage solution.

If you are going to be storing fairly lightweight items, wooden pallets and a basic warehouse racking system will probably be sufficient to meet your needs. Usually, a pallet racking system can hold loads that weigh several hundreds of kilograms per each level. Racking systems typically are made with a durable steel frame and multiple shelves.

If you prefer, you can use mesh decks rather than wooden pallets. Another option is eco-friendly plastic pallets. There are certain versions that have been designed to be resistant against rot so they will make your warehouse racking system much longer lasting, especially if your items are going to be stored in a damp or outdoor warehouse.

However, if you will be storing really heavy items, then plastic pallets will most likely not to able to withstand that much weight. Choose the strongest steel frame available and steel mesh or wooden pallets for the shelves. Also, check with the manufacturer to find out exactly how much can be withstood by the warehouse racking system. If you go beyond that limit it can place too much stress on the system’s frame and shorten the lifespan of the racking. It can also pose serious safety and health risks. 

If you are going to store goods outdoor than a galvanized steel warehouse racking system is an excellent choice. That means the steel has been put through a chemical process where it is coated with zinc, which protects it against the element and lengthens your warehouse shelving’s lifespan.

Depending on how you are planning to use your warehouse racking system, there are various optional extras that might be useful. For example, you might want to have the ability to move heavy items around your warehouse easily and quickly. If so, then a good option to consider is setting a long warehouse racking system up that joins together, and then installing a carton flow system. The sheet of weight resistant and durable wheels are very easy to hook to existing beams or pallets and then you can roll the goods along the surface easily.

Rubber Matting

Installing rubber matting inside your warehouse is also a good idea Thick rubber matting offers a very effective anti-fatigue effect as it relieves discomfort for workers who walk on the warehouse floors all day long and helps to reduce their tiredness. You might be surprised at how simple rubber mats can help your warehouse employees stay more alert, but it really is true. Non-Slip flooring is also offered by rubber matting, so it does two things at the same time to ensure the safety and health of your workers. 

Finally, if your warehouse is going to be used for production along with storing inventory, then it would be a good idea to add workbenches. They are highly durable surfaces that are necessary for cutting wood and other activities. You can purchase workbench systems that have attached drawers or shelves and they are a perfect solution for storing your tools next to where they are used, to minimize loss and damage.

No matter what you are going to use your warehouse for, make sure you explore all of the different options that are available before making your final decision. Selecting the ideal warehouse racking system is a very important step since it will most likely be what takes up the most space in your warehouse and the item you will want to last the longest. After you sort that out you can always add in extra items like rubber matting, a carbon flow system, or a few workbenches to make sure that your warehouse has everything you could possibly need or want.

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