Vital Skills Required to Succeed in Finance

Success in Finance

Building a career in the world of finance can be a lucrative move and one that offers the flexibility to take on many different roles. It could be anything as varied as working as a banker to being a full-time or self-employed forex trader with FxPro. The required skills for individual roles will differ but there are a number of essential skills that pan across the entire sector and which anyone working in the world of finance needs to have.

Excellent Technology Skills

Almost every job requires applicants to have a decent level of technological ability. For financial positions, the better your IT and technology skills the better, as most roles revolve around using everything from Excel spreadsheets to more complex trading and accounting platforms. If you do not have the experience or ability then it is advisable to learn before applying for certain jobs, as you will likely be turned away quickly otherwise.  

Strong Communication

Good Communication

Strong communication is imperative, for teamwork, client and customer dealings. Spoken, written and presentation abilities need to be sharp whether you are working in a face-to-face environment, out pitching proposals to potential clients or simply dealing with colleagues and clients via email. Being able to simplify some of the more complex factors and jargon used within the financial industry for those less knowledgeable is highly valued.

Analytical and Problem Solving

For any financial role, it is likely that you will come up against various problems on a daily basis and be expected to solve these as you best see fit. An analytical mind and approach is vital for this, so if you have a track record of solving problems it will be useful to point this out in interviews. Problems could vary from a simple calculating error to a client wanting to take their business elsewhere.

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Following on from being able to solve problems, you must be able to make quick and informed decisions, be confident about them and follow through. Being decisive is especially important within finance, as there a lot of quick decisions to be made, from choosing currencies to buy to agreeing or turning down business deals.

Mathematical Ability

Of course, a lot of financial positions require a decent mathematical ability and those such as accounting positions need people with excellent mathematical minds. A degree in the subject is often necessary and a deep knowledge is useful for any role that involves working with statistics, probability and more.

If you’re considering a career in the financial sector, be sure to brush up on all these skills to improve your chances of landing your dream role.

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