What to Blog about and Why ! ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 1

What to Blog About and Why

“Wisdom is right path to take, Integrity is taking it”

From a long time Deciding the topic on which to blog about is the toughest thing any newbie blogger faces. It is normal today as everyone faces this issue even i am also one of them who suffered this question. But don’t worry today i will try to get answer of this question by your own.

What to Blog About and Why

Let me tell you this is the 1st part of the blogging series “New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money”, It is one of the main question that you should know the answer before starting your blogging journey as it will decide whether you will make money from blogging or not. Even if you got the answer chances are that you had wrong answer, and result might comes you stopped blogging and never try to come back !

Here question arise Why a New Blogger stopped Blogging after few months ?

Answer is quite simple, these are some points due to which many bloggers abandon blogging:

  • Person might have lack of motivation, excitement or encouragement
  • Person might have all the above qualities but not have enough matter
  • Person risk his blogging career by copying other content, which led him to face copyright issue and Google penalty
  • Person might not able to satisfy his/her user needs
  • Many more reason like this

You need to be very serious this time as you are going to start your blogging journey right from here. There are some facts you should know before you start.

  • Money can be made from any niche (Topic) whether it is Health, Education, Sports or Tech any one.
  • Some niche need very frequent update for example News related blogs.
  • Huge investment not require at all. Just pay for domain and Hosting and start blogging.
  • In beginning don’t go for multiple topics as there are many reasons.

Common Mistake Newbies Commits When Choosing What to blog about

Before i tell you How to choose the topic for blogging i want to let you know some common mistake newbie blogger commit. This will not only help you avoid this mistake but it will also help you to get more focused about choosing topic for your blog.

1. Following the Crowd :

It is the most common mistake and generally made by most of them, Like an Example you will find many of new bloggers blogging on Tech niche and there is tough competition on that as already there are many popular blogs working on that example : Labnol.org, TechCrunch etc. Due to tough competition ranking on those niche is very tough, even if they get ranked they didn’t get enough traffic.

Even Traffic stats of many popular blogs has been affected badly due to tough competition on it

2. Choosing Seasonal Topic :

This is also a common mistake for a newbie as they doesn’t know about blogging much, what they choose at that time like a topic like New Year, Valentine Day etc. What happens after that it will get good result only at the time of that season after that you will have to wait for the whole year. So i will suggest you to start on Evergreen topic like Education, Health, SMS etc.

3. Expecting Immediate Result :

When i was new i was also expecting immediate result and was thinking to leave blogging, but after that few days later i had read some where, in blogging getting immediate result is only possible by spamming which we should not do if you are thinking for long term blogging.

4. Following Success Stories :

Those success stories are only made to inspire you and motivate you for blogging, but many newbies what do is they started following the same steps as them but they didn’t get succeed Why? “Because it is not possible that the steps which work for that person will surely work for us” So try to learn from them and apply the things you had learned and experienced.

So this are some of the common mistake which a new blogger generally made when choosing the topic. So What are the Right Way to choose Topic for blogging ?

How to Choose Topic to Blog About

Well this is the toughest thing to decide any new blogger faces, but after reading this article it will be lot easier for you to choose. So let’s start with it.

Two things you must have are :

Passion and Knowledge

These both are two separate things which will decide your topic to blog and will make it easier to choosing the topic for blogging.

Passion is about something you feel strongly and you truly enjoy. It will develop excitement, satisfaction and more motivation. Even if you have no knowledge about the topic you are passionate about, it will help you to gain some.

And We all know Knowledge comes with education, practice and research. The more you will do this thing more knowledge you will get.

Suppose you are passionate about marketing but you have sound knowledge of relationships. Both are of different category, What will you choose your passion or Knowledge ? Don’t worry you can merge both your passion as well as knowledge. Ask these question to yourself that will help you to decide What to blog about.

1. Is their audience for that Topic :-

It may be possible that your knowledge and passion are on that topic on which there are no audience seeking for. The only way to make money from blogging is to Blog for others.

“Your Income is Directly proportional to the profit you have provided to your Audience”

Read More :- Various Ways to Earn Money Online

2. Topic is Evergreen or not :-

It is recommend that you choose a topic that is evergreen so that your content will remain unaffected of time and season. It will also help you to gain new readers constantly. As i said above your income depend on readers the more readers you will get the more income you will have.

3. Do you like to Discuss that Topic :- 

This is the major point to focus on if you will discuss more then you will get to know more about it as well you will remain updated which will help you to update your blog with trending content.

4. Is there enough material :-

It is another important thing that you should have otherwise you will be limited to a little amount of content. As a result in the end you will have nothing to update your blog further. So make a deep research.

5. Are there products people like to buy online on that topic :-

Don’t forget that you are building blog to make income as well so you should know about it from the beginning so that you can use various methods of promoting those products on your blog to earn money.

These are some question you should ask yourself to decide what topic to blog about. There are some other question as well but this are some main which will help you choose a topic which will create a balance between your passion and knowledge.

Now it is the time to Choose the Topic, Creating unique content. And Come out Google is waiting for you as it look for those blogs who are creating in-depth complete article. This will help you to get some loyal readers who will help you to make money in future.

In next article i will tell you How to Choose a Good Domain Name. Don’t forget to leave comment below. I am very eager to know does this article helped you in Deciding on What to Blog about ?

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  1. Hello Suprabhat,

    This is a very informative and interesting article to read!

    Every blogger wants to make money from blog and you have really put a hard work in giving out this information in well researched way .

    In my experience Blogging is the best way to make money from internet but It requires dedication, time, effort, learning, and patience.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Srivastava recently posted…Make Money by Reading SMS on Your MobileMy Profile

    1. Hey Mukesh

      Thanks for commenting
      Yes, this blog will be serving you the best way to make money online. And I will be there for you whenever you need help you can contact me.


    1. Hey Rahul

      I am not saying that don’t follow them.
      I am saying to follow them but don’t exactly the way he does, you need to do something unique.Don’t follow the same procedure try to do something by yourself.

  2. Cool informative post !!!
    Bloggers should put effort to create a unique content. Niche selection plays very important role in blog success.
    Blogger should keep in mind what they are going to serve their audience. They should know whats there in readers mind and what they are looking for.
    Great job done Suprabhat by putting all the points together.
    sourabh recently posted…Swagbucks Review: Earn money searching online anythingMy Profile

    1. Hey Sourabh

      Yes Unique contents are more likely to drive traffic as well as it attract search engine to index your post. So that it get high rank on Search Engine
      I had found many bloggers are blogging on topic which is irrelavant to their blog, because they don’t have sufficient content to write.
      Which made me think to create a post on it.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5My Profile

  3. Hi Suprabhat,
    You are 100% right.
    We can take care while choosing our topic. Most of people just follow other’s people. They don’t know that They are just wasting their time.

    But some time most of people make seasonal website like new year April fool etc. and they success some time. but as you say this is not our future. it’s just seasonal.
    Any way very good information. especially helpful for newbie in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Areesha Noor!

    1. Hey Areesha Noor,

      Yes we should take care while choosing topic for our blog, so that we can decide whether we will get succeed in future or not. Because it is the major thing which decide our success in blogging.
      And You were talking about Event Blogging in which we can able to rank our blog for a particular event.
      This way we make Good $$$$.


  4. I think before even getting starting to blog you must know why, you are actually to make money. Some people just do not have a strong enough why to keep going and end jumping to next shining object that they think will help them.

    Choosing a topic to make money is an important factor and knowing the type of readers you want. You need to understand the readers before you even start blogging, just putting my though down.

    Your right all five of keys play a big part, but your why is most important factor.
    paul recently posted…Facebook Graph search Tool For marketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes we should know what we will be doing after 2-3 months of creating a blog from the beginning.If we have plan then surely we will know about it and we will earn money online from blog as well.

      You said right there are some bloggers who get fall in the pit of Shinning object which led them to failure surely they should read this blog post.

      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Choose Right WordPress Hosting Provider ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 4My Profile

  5. Hi Suprabhat!

    It’s my first time to read your blog, honestly. Well, in my opinion, blogging must have a purpose. Everyone who tried blogging have dissimilar reasons why enter blogging. Some reasons include money, sharing their expertise, sharing the stuffs they like and do, be an inspiration, motivate others, sell their product or services, grow their audience and so own.

    However, not all has a certain goal. This article will assist them to figure it out and distinguish what they really want to do so that they’ll be on the track.

    “Common Mistake Newbies Commits When Choosing What to blog about” is a must read in this post.

    Nice article!

    1. Hey metz,

      Welcome to MoneyGossips, yes we are bloggers and we must have some purpose to blog about you will find many bloggers who are only seeking for money from their blog, those bloggers are just earning.

      There are many bloggers also who don’t have any goal or plan and that type of bloggers are those who fail to grow in blogosphere. So we should know what we are blogging about and Why?

      Thanks for pointing out the things which must to be read by bloggers.

  6. Hi Suprabhat,
    Some of blogger failed because lake of knowledge about blogging. They Don’t learn blogging in right way. They have passion about blogging but only passion is not enough for success, hard work and active mind is also needed in this field.

    I really learn some points in this post.
    and I am so happy to learn something new from your blog.
    Rana Irfan recently posted…Happy new year 2016 Greetings for sister in lawMy Profile

  7. Blogging just for making money will never work, providing unique information will result into, good traffic and can be able to make easy money. And the main point you mentioned is select a niche which you have more knowledge so that we can write great content.

  8. Hi Suprabhat,

    I want to Start a blog. Choosing a topic is very difficult.
    I got a deep insight from your post. Thank you. Having the attitude of helping others by giving correct knowledge is the key point.

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