What to Know About the iMarketsLive Academy Compensation Plan

iMarket Compensation Plan

Currency is one of the most essential aspects of businesses around the world, as it’s highly needed for exchange to manage foreign trade and business. Since there has to be an avenue where currencies are traded legally, this makes Forex trading the largest and most lucrative financial market in the globe.

Thankfully, various Forex training and software are curated in the iMarketsLive to aid investors with online exchange. It also operates as multi-level marketing where individuals earn percentages by recruiting more traders in the organization.

When iMarketsLive started their educational platform in August 2013, many people hesitated to participate with its claim to make everyone rich and successful. There are, however, plenty of things to discover about iMarketsLive. To give you a head start, you can check out journalreview.org for more information, and continue reading below to know more about the iMarketsLive Academy Compensation Plan.

Getting Started

To participate in the iMarketsLive community, there are two options to choose from – join as an independent business owner (IBO) or a customer. The advantages of being an IBO is the opportunity to share IML products and services out of the box while still being involved in the compensation plan. However, you have to purchase their platinum package if you want to join as a customer. As an edge, the platinum package enables you to access all the products and services of iMarketsLive. In any method you wish to join, you can still purchase their package

Membership Information

Actually, there is a way to join the iMarketsLive without spending money. In order for you to do this you’d have to purchase your platinum package and refer two more retail customers to buy the platinum packages, and yours is automatically free. If you want a continuous subscription to the package, then you must refer another two retail customers prior to the next subscription, before the billing date and not on the exact day. This is only eligible for the customer membership. Moreover, you should be an active iMarketsLive member to access this service.


Education Stock

With the platinum package that contains about 60 hours of strategies and lessons, it’s not enough to sustain the whole business to gain more money continuously. Members of the compensation plan are going to want more content. Because of this demand iMarketsLive added an extra platform – the iMarketsLive TV or IML TV, a channel where more lessons can be thought by different educators. They appear to have available content for the whole week – even for Saturdays and Sundays.

iMarketsLive Compensation Plan Packages

The iMarketsLive Compensation Plan offers two types of memberships: the platinum package for one-time fee of $195 or monthly fee of $145, and the IBO platinum package for one-time fee of $200 and monthly fee of $150. Its membership program contains FX Signal Live, Live Training Room, Harmonic Scanner Trading Education, IML Academy, IML TV, and Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions with the company’s CEO Christopher Terry. 

Recruit More, Earn More

To simply explain the idea of this compensation plan, you need more recruits and downline signed up under your name. Your downline will be determined by the Group Volume (GV), the total volume of the monthly memberships. If you have more recruits, then your rank will climb higher with more advantages.

Weekly Residual Income

As a matter of fact, iMarketsLive is the first company to pay its members a weekly residual income. You can have a payout generally ranging from $37.50 to $125,000 weekly according to your achieved rank. Additionally, when you maintain your membership for 3 consecutive months, there’s a one-time bonus every time you step in a higher rank. A higher rank definitely guarantees a higher weekly residual income and bonuses. Rank starts from a Platinum 2000 with the lowest bonus of $500 up to Chairman 500 with the highest bonus of $200,000. Take note: your bonuses won’t start upon the membership to a rank starting with Platinum 150, just in case you’re wondering. Your bonuses will only be accredited once you reach Platinum 2000.


Another way of earning online has been widely introduced to the internet community. Evaluating both sides of the equation – with enrolling subscribers and trading currencies, it’s really a big investment that could leave thousands of possibilities. Some people even think that a membership would automatically guarantee them a success. They already expect five to six digits on their bank accounts, but it takes more than a membership to be a successful forex trader. You might almost feel like you’re gambling. Remember: if earning money from this forex market is a piece of cake, then everyone would do it. Passion, discipline, dedication, together with the application of lessons learned from iMarketsLive will bring you to the real success.

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