What type of education do you need for a career in marketing ?

Marketing Career

Today, hardly anybody doubt the need for a marketing service. In some companies, the number of this department personnel can be dozens of people, and the budget can reach 20% of profits. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that management wishes to transfer such an important field of activity to the experienced hands of professionals.

The marketing profession is relatively young, but despite this, it is very popular among those who want to master this area of ​​knowledge. Profiled marketing education is important for the novice specialist.

Trade education allows you to get the most complete set of necessary theoretical knowledge. This helps well at the interview, where, most likely, you will be asked special questions or offered to perform the task, for example, to solve a situation.

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A Marketer Specialist analyses consumer markets and develops a product promoting strategy. He/she examines all types of competitive products, highlighting the most popular brands, examines their advertising projects and consumer opinion. The marketer tasks also include analytical work, as he/she puts all the received information together and sets it into the components of a competent PR. Based on the data, the marketer thinks through the moves to promote the company’s products.

Based on such a wide range of responsibilities, marketers were divided into two types: analytical marketers (analysts) and creative marketers (creative), says Deborah Deimler, Master in Marketing & Sales, a specialist in marketing coursework writing in Pro-Papers.

Analytical marketers (analysts). Their everyday responsibilities include information gathering and conducting its analysis. Usually they summarise all the received data in order to provide creative conclusions.

Creative marketers (creative). After receiving the analytical data, they create a concept by which they will promote their products in the consumer market. This is not just a plan for one advertisement; it is a strategy of rebranding, popularisation, etc. Marketer creates a new name and new principles for the brand being promoted and offers a complete list of recommendations. On their basis, the manager creates an advertising product.

In order to get a chance to get a marketer position, you should select one of these specialties upon admission:

Innovation studies. This is a specialisation for creatives who will introduce new concepts in product advertising.

Management and its branches: marketing, production, tourism, small business management.
Trading business.

The education required for a marketing position depends largely on the scope of marketing. If it is routine analytics, research or forecasts, then trade or economic education will help. It’s also good if the trade education corresponds to the company’s field of activity, then the marketer will be able to competently explore the markets and have a good understanding of the product. A good specialist needs, among other things, to master the methods of marketing, brand management, to understand the basics of economics and finance, to have a basic understanding of the tasks and possibilities of design in marketing and advertising. In addition, marketers need a whole set of skills that are responsible for successful teamwork, the so-called soft skills.

If the specialist is engaged in the promotion of goods or services, then marketing education is not necessary. Mostly, you will have to make many things up by yourself: the development and implementation of unique ideas – this is what is to be done almost daily. If knowledge is still not enough, then you can get additional or second higher education in the field of marketing. Short-term trainings or seminars in this case cannot be considered a panacea, since the most attention is payed to practical skills and working methods.

Thus, the main principle of marketing education is: in order to become a marketing professional, you need to be able to combine the knowledge and practical skills obtained in the best economical schools. Remember this. After all, any education is mostly conservative. In a rapidly developing and ever-changing market economy, conservative education is not enough. Every year new trends in economic development and, accordingly, new professions arise, and the requirements for existing ones, for example, marketing directors and employees of marketing departments, are constantly changing and growing.

Proceeding from this position, many of the rules and principles become obsolete, when you graduate from the institute. But contrary to this, the principles of the profession become clear when, having received the knowledge base, you begin to get your own experience. So, a marketer without a knowledge base, using the principles he/she learned from practitioners and theorists, cannot succeed. Therefore, trade education is necessary, but it should be made as practical as possible so that the gap between theory and practice is narrowed. Basic skills training for future marketers needs to be carried out not only in the classroom, but also in enterprises. This is the key to success in the marketing profession.

For a young specialist a job or an internship in any company with the initial training courses can be a good help in the development of marketing. This will provide an opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with practice, as well as develop as a marketing specialist. The main thing is to accurately determine the direction of development, since it will be rather difficult to move from one industry to another, because the specific character of marketing is different everywhere.

Not all graduates of marketing specialties can work well in marketing, even with a diploma. Just as, not having this diploma, but having a talent, fresh knowledge from current literature and life experience, one can succeed and make a career. However, the diploma of specialised education can serve as an entrance ticket to this area. So, profiled marketing education is important for a fledgling marketer, but it is important to remember that without experience it is practically useless.

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