Why is it Important to Cite Sources in your Papers?

CiteSourcing is important

What about should writers use citation? Is it really important? In sober fact, when you cite resources, it means you respect the intellectual work of other scientists who investigated the same field as you do. The main role of citation is not just to allow writers avoid plagiarism. It has a strong impact on a variety of other aspects as well.

What Facts Should Be Referenced?

In very deed, when you do a paper or write a simple literature essay, it doesn’t mean you should cite only books. There are much more resources that ought to be mentioned. Besides, there is one unpublicized rule, every litterateur should follow – any idea, taken from any resource should be cited. That is why you should mention the following resources in your academic assignments:

• Magazines

• Newspapers

• Documentaries

• Encyclopedias

• Letters

• Emails

• Ads

• Lectures

• Illustrations

• Charts

• Websites

• Books

• Articles

• Movies, etc.

To put it simply, if you use the works of other scholars or people who are engaged in the same area, you use their ideas or thoughts, you should also indicate a real copyright infringement.

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Several Reasons Why You Should Cite Sources

Citation of sources is mandatory for any scholar but in some instances, the improper attribution can be unchecked. Below, you will find top reasons, explaining why you should do this:

1. It Makes You a Professional Scientist.

Professional Scientist

When you indicate what material you’ve used in your research, it means you are a detailed-oriented personality. An extensive bibliography is an excellent chance to improve your grades and position yourself as a responsible person!

In very deed, a good research involves the use of all possible details (enumeration of authors’ names, the accuracy of all facts, an appropriate number of pages, etc.). For that reason, if you wish to make a high-quality research, be attentive to even inconspicuous details.

2. An Extensive Bibliography is an Indicator of Your Proficiency in Science.

At a glance, a bibliography is just a composition of different resources, you’ve used in your academic work. That is not quite the case! A full bibliography is the main distinctive feature of an attentive and well-informed specialist. Besides, it also shows that you know this scientific brunch well enough and holds yourself as a high-grade specialist.

3. It Improves Your Writing Skills.

Those students, who lack experience in writing, improve the quality of their essays by receiving these creative assignments. Otherwise stated, the task as writing bibliographies trains your skills and allows you to be more attentive to details. It helps you forget about sloppy writing, laziness or some other factors that don’t allow you to be a good writer. Gradually, you’ll improve skills and become a professional writer!

4. You won’t Be Accused of Plagiary.

When you add quotes and indicate their authors, no one will accuse you of plagiary because it is a common practice when a scholar bases his work on the achievements of other people and mentions them in his paper. When you indicate an author, you will never be accused of plagiary. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should fill in your paper with an enormous amount of quotes. You should use them moderately.

5. Your Paper will be Verified Faster.

Before your paper is printed or published on a website, it will undergo the check of editors. They will look through your thesis and track your bibliography. If you don’t want to spend time on the correction of mistakes and you wish to avoid criticism, you should regularize all aspects fundamentally.

Understanding the significance of citation, you’ll avoid lots of difficulties, improve your skills in writing and become a target-oriented academician! Citing resources is an integral part of work of any writer and you can’t bypass these rules.

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