Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Car Subscription Services

Car Subscription Service

Most people are familiar with the fact that they can own or lease a vehicle. However, they are less familiar with the world of car subscription services. Subscription services are a new way to help you have the convenience of a car without the hassle of ownership or a lease. Here are a few reasons why these subscription services are becoming so popular among consumers and why you should think about investing in one as well.

You Have Flexibility Over Your Car

One of the benefits of subscription services is that you can have a car when you need it without the inconvenience of constant car ownership. If you’re going on vacation, you don’t have to fret about where you’re going to park your car for two weeks—you can just pause your subscription.

You can also switch out your car with ease, depending on your needs during the day. You don’t have to buy a minivan just because you’re planning on taking road trips, just rent a larger car for weekend trips and switch it out for a sleeker model that is easier to park during the week.

The Fees Are All-Inclusive

If you’ve ever tried buying or leasing a car, you know that the price of having a car is much higher than the price you pay at the dealership. Once you drive away, you have to pay for insurance and registration, and that’s just assuming the car doesn’t break down.

When you pay for a car subscription, the monthly fee usually includes insurance, registration, mechanical assistance, and even 24/7 roadside assistance. That saves you a lot of money because what you see is what you get. Plus, you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up all these other services.

You Get Concierge Service

Who doesn’t like feeling a little pampered in life? One of the benefits of subscription services is that the companies usually offer concierge services. This means that the company will deliver your car to your doorstep and take away any old vehicles you rented through your subscription. If you’ve ever had to drive from dealer to dealer, you know that this service means a lot more than just making the neighbors jealous. It can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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Avoid the Dealer Experience

Car Subscription Service

The experience of buying a car is such a hassle that people will avoid car ownership just to avoid going to the dealer. Car dealers are notorious for their bureaucracy, paperwork, and a generally bad reputation.

With car subscription services, you get the benefits of owning a car without having to go to the dealer and fill out mountains of paperwork. Many companies allow you to sign up for a subscription online or via a smartphone app. You can manage your entire subscription and contact assistance through the application, no dealer experience is needed.

Subscription Services Are More Forgiving of Bad Credit

So far, this list has focused on some of the more superficial perks of signing up for a car subscription service. However, this can be a very important choice for your household finances.

Many people have bad or nonexistent credit through no fault of their own. However, this credit keeps them away from car ownership or even leasing, making it hard to get the kids to doctor’s appointments, get to work, and otherwise get around. Subscription services are far more forgiving of low credit scores, making driving more accessible to people.

If these reasons resonate with you, it’s time to look into a car subscription.

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