Winning Money Online: How to Keep Your Cash Safe

Winning Money Online

By some estimates, a whopping $5 trillion is transferred electronically every single day. A significant chunk of that cash consists of online winnings, be it via online poker, digital lotteries, prize draws, or reward schemes. Every year, billions are won online through a variety of means, and these winnings are a top target for hackers and thieves.

Cybersecurity fraud and attacks are more frequent and more sophisticated than ever before, which means that it is imperative to ensure your online winnings are handled in the most secure way possible. If you want to protect your big winnings from external threats, follow these steps to keep your cash safe.

Use Trusted Platforms and Payment Options 

There are countless ways to win money online but that doesn’t mean they are all equally trustworthy. If you’re playing real-money games online, only use platforms which are well-known and trusted, as well as payment options that you’ve heard of. For example, if you’re going to play Lotto online, make sure it’s with a well-known lottery provider such as Lottoland, which uses highly-ranked payment options such as PaySafe, Mastercard, and Instadebit. If you see payment options that you’ve never heard of or have dodgy reviews, stay well clear. 

Use a VPN 

If a hacker is trying to target your online winnings, they need to be able to find your device and infiltrate it. The most foolproof way of preventing this is by using a VPN for all of your online gaming. A VPN works by hiding your IP address and making you and your device completely undetectable. Even if you’re playing for money on your smartphone, you can use a VPN app which will keep you covered 100% of the time. 

Avoid Unsecured Networks 

Using an open WiFi network when playing for money online greatly increases the risk of exposing yourself and your money. An unsecured network gives hackers a direct line to the user simply by tapping into the hotspot, making your data and money very easy to trace. They can even install malware onto your device via an open WiFi network, so always make sure to use passworded WiFi whenever you’re playing for money online.

Unsecured Network

Encrypt Your Financial Data

Most smartphone operating systems now encrypt certain data by default, but this doesn’t mean you’re covered. If you’re trying to win money via your desktop computer, then there’s a chance your financial information, including your bank account numbers, is exposed. Download an encryption service with a password lock that will keep all of your sensitive financial information fully private, so that no-one will be able to snatch your winnings. 

Keep Your Browser, Operating System, and Antivirus Updated 

This is a very simple and easily achieved task which will improve your security tenfold. Hackers very frequently target out-of-date software as this is the most vulnerable, so it is absolutely critical that you keep everything fully updated as often as possible in order to keep your cash secure. Simply set all of your software to auto-update and you won’t even have to remember to do it yourself. 

The last thing anyone wants is to win a massive lottery jackpot only to have it stolen by anonymous hackers. Follow these simple and quick measures to ensure it never happens to you. 

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