Wondershare Filmora Review – Video Editing Software

Wondershare Filmora Review

Even after all these years, I am still a newbie when it comes to video editing. I just know enough to create small videos, trimming clips, joining and adding some transition but my skills were limited to this only. I was using Adobe After Effects to create and edit videos for my YouTube Channels and Fiverr.

Adobe After Effects has never been user friendly, due to which I used to face tough challenges. So I went searching for something else and I found Wondershare Filmora. While other video edition software’s are busy in focusing on particular Beginners or Experts, meanwhile Wondershare Filmora has something to offer to everyone. Apart from free version, they also have paid version which is stuffed with more important features.

Wondershare Filmora Review – Video Editing Software Review

Wondershare Filmora is a software that allows anyone to edit video in the most easiest way. This software has been designed in such a way that anyone can edit videos such that they have personally shot them. Filmora contains more than 300 different features to explore, even if you are new to video editing Wondershare Filmora is something you should try your hands on.

Features of Wondershare Filmora:

There are many many feature in this software, more than 300 but I would like to explain only few which I liked the most. Let’s have a look:

  • Sophisticated and User friendly Design: Unlike other premium software, which are quite complicated and not so user friendly. This software can be used by even a beginner who don’t know anything about video editing.
  • Completely Change Video: It allows you to make personal video to something amazing work which you have not even imagine using it’s built in editing templates.
  • Quickly Publish: It quickly publish your video to social networking sites, burn into DVD’s, Optimize videos for best quality in iOS or Android device and many more.
  • Built-in Screen Recorder: Just like other premium software which are worth $140 to $400, filmora has built in recorder. You can launch it from inside the software and can easily create demonstration video by recording screen.
  • Green Screen: This is another amazing feature you will rarely find in other software i.e it has the ability to handle green screen or chorma key footage in your video project.
  • Motion Paths: Filmora comes with face detection technology, which allows you to attach speech bubbles to a face or moving object and have it follow along.

How to Get Started with Wondershare Filmora?

Getting started with this software is very easy, whenever you open this software each time you will be presented with a simple splash screen as shown below. Let’s see how to proceed.

wondershare filmora startup screen

1. At 1st choose the aspect ratio of the project you want to make which will be based on the aspect ratio of video on which you will be working. (Most Modern Device Have 16:9)

2. Now Select Easy Mode or Full Feature Mode
Easy Mode: It launches the program in semi automatic mode which uses style templates that can be added into your videos, audios and images.
Full Feature Mode: It launches the software in full editing mode.

3. At the top right corner you can see Open Recent, it allows you to reload a project you had been working or want to continue.


After going through the software I can explain it in one word i.e Intuitive. It doesn’t really matter what you want to do and how you want to do the video editing. Just open the software and you will be able to create amazing videos within few minutes.

Wondershare Filmora is ideal for those who want to create amazing videos quickly and easily edit them without facing issues.

You can grab your paid as well as free copy for Filmora from here. Did you find Wondershare Filmora Review helpful, if yes don’t forget to share it and comment below.

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