Worldwide Mobile Privacy Data Report: Is Your Privacy Protected? {Infographic}

Mobile Privacy Data Report

Is your mobile phone protected? There are several issues related to mobile security which is a global concern. The world has more than 2 billion smartphone users that make this matter more serious. You might have come across a number of applications that guarantee complete mobile protection, but their functioning is not at all reliable. LEO Privacy is a unique application that is very efficient in offering high-grade mobile security. This application has intelligent features that offer the users a complete shielding solution for their mobile phones.

LEOMASTER is the creator of LEO Privacy app. They have formed a mobile privacy data report on a global scale. This report reveals some important points which should be focused. Let us check the striking details of this report:

  • Reasons for Mobile Privacy Leaks: This report highlights the major reasons of mobile privacy leakage. Trojans, lost phone, mobile applications, free Wi-Fi, cloud storage etc can be spotted as the prime reasons.
  • Unprotected Wi-Fi: LEO Privacy report revealed that, 9.5 percent of Wi-Fi connections are unsafe. One can say this count is less but useful data from your smart phone is at risk through unsecured Wi-Fi connections.
  • Apps to Spy:People might be shocked but this report states that, every smart phone is intruded 1.25 times a day! Your Gallery, Facebook and WhatsApp are the prime destinations which should be kept under surveillance.
  • Privacy Report: This privacy evaluation of mobile devices by LEO Privacy revealed that, only 4 percent of devices were safe. The devices prone to data leakage were about 90 percent.
  • Gender Distribution: There are about 68 percent male who are using LEO Privacy app. The number of female user is 32 percent.
  • Age Group Segregation: The age group between 13-24 years has nearly 76 percent Leo App users. Users above 54 years count to a minimum of 1 percent.
  • Geographical Distribution: The maximum users of LEO Privacy are in India. Indonesia and Brazil are ranked 2nd& 3rd in the list of maximum app users. The United States also holds a significant count of users which makes it acquire the 4th
  • Utilizing the features of LEO Privacy: About 6 percent users have utilized the Anti-Theft features of LEO Privacy. While 80 percent users have taken the help of this app to hide gallery, videos, images, and contacts on their mobile phones.
  • Protection Preferences: Most users of this app in India have utilized the service to hide photos. In Spain, people hide videos using LEO Privacy.
  • Popular Unlock Options: The pattern lock is more popular than the number lock option which is offered under this mobile security app.
  • Apps which are locked: Private data is seized by most users through this app. Social media apps and IM arealso locked by the users to protect data.

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This infographic is created by LEOMASTER, the makers of LEO Privacy app that gives a deep insight about mobile data protection. These are some major threats to your mobile devices which can be avoided if you use LEO Privacy mobile security app.

Mobile Privacy Data Report of WorldWide Users

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