How to Write an App Description That Will Get Visitors Excited

Write App Description That Excite Visitors

The good news: you’ve created a great new app that is sure to improve the life of your consumers. (Score!)

The challenge: you have to write a compelling description, and you have no idea what that’s supposed to look like.

Let’s be honest. People can’t help but judge a book by its covers. No matter how hard you’ve worked to create something great, people will judge your app based on its description. You never get a chance at a second impression, so you need to make sure that you do everything in your powers to convince prospects to choose you over the competition. It’s a tough situation.

The good news: I’ve written my fair share of app descriptions and have a few tricks down my sleeves to help you to avoid hiring any copywriting services companies. Keep reading to find out how to write app descriptions that will get people to download them.

How to Write an App Description That Will Get Visitors Excited

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

225 is the number of characters users see on your app’s profile page without having to click on the “more” button to read the entire description. Needless to say, these 225 characters can influence a prospect’s purchase decision.

Just think about it: would you want to learn more about an app if the first few words didn’t describe the app accurately? Of course, you wouldn’t. That’s why it’s important to state what the app does, but also appeal to your prospects’ emotions. Most popular ads showcase a variety of data, such as the number of downloads or where they were featured to encourage people to buy them.

2. Tell a Story That Resonates with Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing app description is presenting the product from your perspective. You need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and try to see how the app helps them.

Tell a story that prospects can identify with. Make them picture themselves using the app and appreciating its features.

3. Present the Problem and Offer a Solution

Every great product offers a solution to a problem. However, there are times when the pain points aren’t very obvious. Just think about Uber for a moment – the service offers a solution to a problem most people don’t know they have. But, they managed to tell a story that people identified with, so people resonated with the solution offered.

Write Better App Description

Set the table by addressing the problem. Educate your prospects and make a compelling case for your offering. Paint a picture of a better future by offering them a solution. Talk about the solution and its benefits.

Here’s an example. Imagine you’ve created a time management app. Following the structure above, your description should look something like this:

The Setup: You should talk about how hard it is to stay focused when you have a million different tasks on the table.

The Problem: Most time management apps are confusing and drain your smartphone’s battery.

The Solution: Your app that is intuitive, easy to use and it won’t kill your battery.

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4. Focus on Key Features

I’m sure your app has tons of interesting features, but you don’t have to mention all of them in the description. In fact, you should focus on writing only about the features that highlight your core benefits. For instance, if your app is presented as the best photo editing app, present only those set of key features. Let users discover on their own that they can also use your app to share their photos on social media or to add a caption to the picture.

5. Offer Social Proof

Don’t be shy to mention your app’s success. If your app was featured in prestigious magazines, be sure to point it out. If it was bought by a big company, mention that in the description. Mention the number of downloads, any awards, and so on. Make sure to add a few customer testimonials to add to the credibility of your product.

Writing a great app description is the first step to attracting new customers and convincing them to download your product. Remember, you need to treat your app description just like any other content marketing material.

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