How to Write Your First Blog Post ~ Part 10

How to Write First Blog post

First of all i would like to wish you All The Best! as you have finally decided to write your first blog post. I guess you had decided What to blog about and had Chosen a Good Domain name as well as an Reliable hosting! If not you can go to the front page of the whole Money Making Blog Series for Newbies!

You are here because you had installed all essential plugins and you have these 5 important pages in your blog. Now you would be thinking “How do i write a blog post ?“, i know it is difficult to start with a great postwhich may help you get some loyal visitors from the beginning. Because “First Impression is the last impression“, So one need to leave great impression at the 1st visit of audience only.How to Write First Blog post

Many of us started blogging for 1st time, so they have no idea on how to write and what to write in first blog post. When i was new to blogging i remember i had written a post which was not even related to my blog due to which i was not able to gain any loyal reader for that blog, and that was the 1st mistake which i had made in blogging.

But i don’t want this to happen with you, this article is for those who are new to blogging as well as for those who don’t know How to write your first blog post. Let’s start :


How to Write First Blog Post !

There are some important points on which we have to focus more and must be highlighted on your 1st blog post. These points will help you create trust among your audience as well as to get some loyal readers for your blog. So here are those points :

1. What are you blogging about ?

By giving a vast idea to your readers what you will be blogging about in your first blog post will help get some loyal readers. This way readers can decide what to expect from your blog, by narrowing a broad idea into it sub point will help them to understand it much better.

For Example :- MoneyGossips is about Making Money Online, Make Money Online is a vast topic so in my 1st post i had gave them a brief idea about Different ways of making money online like Freelancing, Blogging, Affiliate marketing and many more.

Similarly SERPControl is about SEO and search engine ranking, so Nitin in his 1st blog post explained some SEO secrets which helped him to get some loyal readers from beginning.

Actually this helped my readers to get know about What they will get by following my blog!

2. What You expect from your Readers ?

If someone visited your blog for 1st time, then he/she might not know what you expect from them, one have to clearly state that what you want from your readers in your 1st blog post like some blog authors want :

  • To get connected with them on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more
  • Some want to Sign Up with RSS Feeds
  • Some want to Sign up with Newsletter
  • Some want to Interact with Comments ( Like ME)
  • Some only want feedback (Some Service sites)

3. Why Audience Sign Up to My List and read my blog ?

It is very important point to get returning visitor, you need to give them a solid reason to visit it frequently. You have to tell them exactly the benefits they will get for signing up with your email list or reading your blog. The more benefits you will provide to your readers more they will want to stick up with it.

For Example :– If i say i will give them premium stuffs for free for signing up to my email list, then i will get less subscribers. But if will mention exact points like I will give them Some Premium Themes, E-books, Infographic Template etc then chances of getting subscribers increases.

4. How can your Audience Interact with You ?

It is also an important point to add, this will help my readers to get know that they can interact with me via Comments as i mention at bottom of every blog post. They can interact with me on Social Site like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Tell them you also like to get interact with Contact page. Don’t think that your readers know everything you have to tell them exactly what you want.

I had contributed an article on ChromeTechny about How to Write a Blog post that matter Don’t just write for sake of adding content or for robots. Write articles for readers which will help you move forward and also it will help you in making money online. Write your 1st post with full of dedication and honesty.

In next post we will discuss, about some content creation ideas that will help you to generate income. Subscribe our Newsletter and Stay tuned.

If you have any query related to this post, you can comment below. I would like to interact with you and your comments.

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