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zhuji91.com.hk linux hosting review

When it comes to web hosting, Linux is reliable, affordable and feature loaded. Our business needed an affordable but quality shared hosting plan, and ZhuJi91 proved to have the ideal solution to meet our needs. An unbeatable control panel, 99.9% real uptime and CloudLinux OS were the perfect match and available at just $4.95 a month. We couldn’t ask for more. Our traffic volume was just average, but that was not the main reason we needed to host our site.

Most of our clients visited our site to learn about our products, and this was the perfect Linux hosting service to meet our needs.

zhuji91.com.hk linux hosting review

Web Hosting Plans

ZhuJi91.com.hk has launched 2 shared hosting solutions on the Linux platform. We will elaborate on the features of each one and the reason why we chose the first one (more affordable one), and why we are thinking of upgrading to the second one in the future.

Professional Linux Shared Hosting

The Professional plan is available at a monthly charge of $4.95. It offers 1GB storage space, 2 domains, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited database. The 1GB space may seem to be too small, but it is more than enough for our small site. In fact, we don’t have any database so this will suffice. As already mentioned, our goal is to present our product features and benefits and there is one video for demonstration.

It is the unlimited bandwidth that is crucial to us. Our traffic has been increasing at a steady rate. Initially, it was just around 30 to 40 visitors a day. But now we are receiving more than a 100 unique visitors every day and this shared hosting plan can easily handle that level of traffic.

Business Linux Shared Hosting

This is our preferred shared hosting plan, but we think it will be some time before we will be able to afford it. Our traffic is on the rise, and once we cross 300-400 visits a day, we will think of opting for this web hosting plan.

The Business plan has 6GB of storage space, support for 10 domains, unlimited bandwidth and database, and 10 free email  accounts. Currently, domain email name is not a priority for us.

Some of the features which are common to both the ZhuJi91 plans are as following:

  • Support for PHP 5.2 to 5.4
  • 1-click installation for WP, DotNetNuke and Discuz
  • cPanel
  • MySQL 5
  • FTP support
  • Python support
  • URLRewrite2
  • Support for Perl and Ruby on Rails

ZhuJi91 has world-class Dell-powered data center located in Hong Kong. All the data is protected using the most advanced firewall and response systems. We are assured about our site and its security because the host monitors the network and servers round the clock.

Additional Features

  • 99.9% Uptime – ZhuJi91 assured us an uptime of 99.9% during sign-up and we are more than satisfied with this promise. We have not experienced downtime even for a single time.
  • Tech Support – Their technical support staff is available 24×7. We have contacted them a few times for proper configuration and they have had always been spot on.
  • cPanel – We didn’t have to pay anything extra for the most powerful control panel in the world.
  • ICP License – There’s no need for ICP license. This helps us save a lot of hassles.

We will recommend this web host to all the webmasters who are looking for a reliable Hong Kong Linux web hosting provider. We are glad to have found their services and want to continue using their reliable and quality web hosting solutions. If you want to learn more about their Linux hosting services, feel free to visit this page.

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