Zimmber ~ All Handyman Services APP Review!

Zimmber Handyman services App Review

Have you ever imagined If you get all handyman services just with a touch, how easy your life would be ? Those who have not yet imagined it have not to give more stress to their brain as there is an app which has been created which will provide you all the handyman services just with a click on your smartphones!

Today I will tell you about one app which will provide you all the handyman services without struggling anymore, running here and there, calling others un-experienced service providers etc.

Zimmber App Review

Zimmber – HandyMan Services! APP Review

Zimmber is an android app which will provide all your solution of problems at one stop. Nowadays as everything is available on smartphones so Zimmber company decided to bring that power in your hand and get your home assests managed.

Using this application you can book any kind of home services like Plumbing, Home Cleaning, AC Services, Electrician, Carpentry, AC services and many others.

NB : These Handyman Services is currently available to only Mumbai & Pune.

Zimmber Review – Features

Zimmber Android APP Review

Zimmber provide one of the best handyman services just sitting at your homes. It provide various kinds of services like :

  • Electrical Services which will take care of all kind of electrical installation and repairs.
  • Pluming Services which will take care of all plumbs, pipes and taps of your home.
  • House Painting, want to get a fresh look for your house Zimmber App will do it for you.
  • AC services include repair of AC and other installation related to it.
  • Carpentry work for the best finishing quality by best carpenters of Mumbai.

All this services at very affordable rate by experienced services providers of Mumbai and Pune. Company 1st priority is to provide customer satisfaction. Download Zimmber App here.

  1. Zimmber posses easy & smooth payment options.
  2. You can track your orders and other details with Zimmber App.
  3. You get estimation before about your work.
  4. Express checkout option available to request services on the go.
  5. Multiple service option available to get services at different places.
  6. Transparent Pricing Policy.

Current Services Provided by Zimmber

As Zimmber is a new startup so it includes only few and essential home services that you need, which includes the following :

  1. AC Services & Repair
  2. Electrical Services
  3. Carpentry Services
  4. Home Paintain Services
  5. House Cleaning Services
  6. Masonry Services
  7. Pluming Services

There are more services to come, this company is growing and I know it will keep on growing as everybody is busy in today work, so no one have time to make their home fresh and properly arranged.

How To Use Zimmber ?

Zimmber -Handyman Services app is user friendly and very easy to use, even a child of 8 yrs can use it. Only you have to follow three steps and remaining work will be done by Zimmber.

Zimmber App Review

Step 1 :

Open the app, from the home services tab select your problem and share it with Zimmber staff.

Step 2 :

After you have shared your problem, tell your address and preferred time to visit and Checkout.

Step 3 :

Select your Mode of Payment and relax.

Why to Choose Zimmber Household Services ?

Zimmber staff has all the qualities you need to get your work completed without any further issue. Here are the qualities that you should be delivered with when taking this type of services.

  1. Experienced Services Providers(Handyman services professionals)
  2. On Time Services is delivered.
  3. Fully reliable and transparent
  4. Guaranteed Money back facility available
  5. Standardized Pricing

This are all the qualities you should look for before hiring any one for all household services, and Zimmber – Handyman Services APP deliver all this quality at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for Go ahead download Zimmber App and start ordering your services and get it delivered at your doorstep at your time.

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  1. Zimmber electrical services are worthless and customer fooling service.

    I had to install 3 switchboards which contained multiple switches and sockets which were all wired internally and just needed to connect the board to the main house supply.

    As per the ridiculous rate card of electrical services the electrician demanded 2000 INR to install just 3 switchboards as they charge 50 per (switch/socket) which is a rip of to a customers wallet and as per the company’s big brand i had to pay 150 service charge just for a visit and quotation and a negotiation talk.

    I asked the electrician that is it the right rate outside company rate card and he gave me a noxious smile. I got the job done from a local electrician by just paying 200 INR

    I just thought how much would zimmber charge a customer to get the entire house electrically installed….. I assume atleast 50k or 100k as per their rate card.

    Will never use this ridiculous service ever. I trust more on the local service men who are reasonable enough rather than a rip off online start up company.

    If you want to succeed in the market, start analyzing day end costs. Why would a customer get to you to pay heavy charges for the same service what is being offered by a local vendor at a negotiable yet reasonable cost.

    Don’t tell me you got professional services and time precision and commitment…. these are just sugar coating phrases to attract customers.

  2. Not good at all… Used it for AC service. As per the print media ad the charges was supposed to be Rs.200-250… but When I called zimmber they said between 300-350 and the actual charge was 500.. I shouted on the technician and suddenly he said “sir with 100 discount it is 400”. Zimmber never called me to see if I was satisfied with services I have paid for…One more fraud company.


    Dhiraj Joshi

    1. Zimmber is a cheater and fraudster!!! People plz beware of this company..they are out there to loot peoples money..i am writing this out of personal experience. They took money from us and absconded..their representatives stopped answering calls, call centre doesnt reply. They just take money and run away. plz dont avail any service from zimmber. they r one of the biggest scamsters…

  3. Clean your house and therefore can increase the appearance of your home. Aside from that, it keeps your home looking in fine style, providing a modern-day look.

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