How to build Micro Niche Blog and Make Passive Income

How to make Micro Niche Blog that make passive money

Internet is so huge and full of various kind of opportunity for bloggers to make money online, Just one need to utilize this opportunity to make money online. Nowadays many bloggers are busy in Event Niche Blogging which make it easy for micro niche bloggers to earn money very easily.

You created a blog invested money on it but at the end you are not earning money. Why ? Due to lack of research or choosing a wide niche. In this post i will tell you how to build micro niche blog which make passive income for you. So let’s start a micro niche blog which make money online. Before that i am going tell what actually micro niche blogging is.

How to make Micro Niche Blog that make passive money
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What is Micro Niche Blogging ?

Blogging on any specific topic is known as niche blogging. For Example :- Health, Technology, WordPress Tutorials, Fashion etc. This are really very vast topic and there are already many popular blogs which are working on it, so do you think you can compete this popular blog ? Yes you can! But it will take a lot of time. So to earn money quickly one need to go with micro niche blogs.

Blogging on any specific keywords or only a bunch of keywords is known as Micro Niche Blogging. For Example :- Weight Loss, Hair fall Treatment, Android Phone Rooting Guides and many more. This are the keywords of various niches. This type of sites only contain around 11-15 posts which target only a specific keywords like i mentioned above.

Handling this sites are very easy, because it needs very few content and this sites rank well on search engines. If you do proper On-Page and OFF- Page SEO for your blog, it will rank high on search engine and you can also sell this kind of blog for Good amount.

Let’s Start building Micro Niche Blogs

How to Build Micro Niche Sites

1. Selection of Niche and Domain :-

Selection of Niche and Good Domain name is very crucial steps your chances of getting success with micro niche blogs totally depends on your chosen niche and keyword. But remember to choose a niche on which you are more comfortable with or you can hire content writer as well.

how to keyword Research for micro niche sites

Suppose i like do SEO so i have many choices like SEO Services, SEO Tools, ON-Page or OFF-Page SEO strategy and many more like this. As our ultimate goal is earning money so we need to do keyword research as well. Whether this keyword searches are higher or not ? Competition is less or more ? Google Ads CPC are less or more etc.

You can do this keyword research via using Google Keyword Planner Tool it will give you an rough idea of Monthly Searches, More keyword ideas and Competition.

After Choosing niche you need to choose a Good domain name. Click here to know How to Choose Good Domain name.

2. Setting Up Your Micro Niche Blog :-

Before you start making money out of your micro niche blogs one thing you need to do is setup your blog with good & attractive theme. You can go with Free hosting Blogger or WordPress, i will recommend you to go with WordPress. Why? Read Why WordPress is far better than Blogger ? If you don’t know How to Create a WordPress blog click here. And If you know you can proceed, things you will need to setup your WordPress micro niche blog are :-

A. Reliable Hosting :- To Host your money making blog you need to buy reliable hosting. I would suggest you to go with Hostgator, it owns more than 12 years of experience in this field with zero downtime and excellent customer support. To get 25% OFF you can use our working hostgator coupon code “MONEYGOSSIPS“.

Read More How to decide which hosting is best and what to choose ?

B. Theme :- You can buy theme from Themeforest, Studiopress or Thesis themes they provide excellent quality themes with great support.

Read More How to Select money making theme for your WordPress blog

C. Plugins : Due to this plugins i choose WordPress, as it makes our work so easy that even a newbie can start working with it without facing any issue or error, there are some necessary plugins which must be install you can read it here.

3. Writing Content :-

After you are done with all the above step you need to write at least 10-15 post before driving traffic, so that you didn’t lose any customer. If you drive any customer before your site is complete chances are that they will never visit again thinking it is a brand new blog. So before you start writing your post gather all your keyword and make a list of all and include all those bunch of keywords in your blog which you want to rank.

4. SEO (On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO) :-

Proper optimization of your blog for search engine will decide the success, it is the thing which will help you attain better rank on search engines. For better and high ranking on search engines you need to do both On page and Off page search engine optimization.

On Page SEO includes :-

  • Writing Quality Articles
  • Usage of Keywords in Heading and Sub Headings
  • Keyword Density per posts
  • Image ALT tags

Off Page SEO includes :-

  • Link Building which can be done my Guest posting, Article Submission Directories, Creating Infographics.

5. Monetization :-

Now you had done everything you need to monetize your blog to earn money out of it. You had completed your blog and optimized it for search engine now it’s the final time to monetize it for making money passively.

There are many ways to monetize your blog for making money, One of the best way to monetize it for earning money is Google Adsense, but getting adsense approval is not easy. Don’t worry there are some more which you can use to monetize your blogs are Infolinks, Media.net, Direct Advertisements, Sponsored Reviews and Affiliate Marketing.

It is on your choice what you choose but in my choice i go with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and Direct Advertisements for micro niche blogs.

So this was all about making money from micro niche sites, if you face any problem regarding it feel free to contact us via comment or Contact Us page.

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  1. Hey Nitin,

    Good to see you here after a long time,
    I was thinking to write this post from a long time but didn’t getting time for it but anyhow i had completed it.
    Soon i will update it with more things like Low competition and high searched keywords so that it will make it more easy for all.

    Thanks for commenting
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  2. Good post for the bloggers who wanna give hand to event blogging.

    Actaully, I’m getting lot of suggestions from senior bloggers to do niche blogging but am not getting time to excute it. I’d like to do perfect on-page SEO and hope it will be a easy job for me.

    Selecting niche and domain is vital for any type of blogging and yes, keyword research matters a lot. Nice write-up, keep writing 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…New Year’s Blogging Resolutions That Every Blogger Should ConsiderMy Profile

  3. Hi Suprabhat,
    Thanks for this great post. As I am almost to new in blogging so I ever hearing about micro niche blogging but I was in a big confusion in difference between niche and micro niche. But thanks, you have explained very well.
    So later, I have no any experience with micro niche but I think it will give you more than a event blog, if you perform better.
    I will also try at least once for this.
    With Regards,
    Naveen Kumar
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  4. This post have a solid ,very well written post on micro blog thanks for the post & tips about micro blog , this is a great article for beginners like me .. 🙂

  5. Thanks dude till now I don’t know what is microniche blog ,you post explained me clearly .thanks..
    mozbyte recently posted best adsense alternatives 3015 for new bies and bloggers..

    1. Hey Chitraparna,

      Yup I shared my post yesterday, thanks for landing up on my blog. Content is the key to success for every blog from the beginning even Google is giving most profit out of all to the best content. One have to check quality of content writer to ensure the best quality.

      Keep visiting
      Thanks for commenting

    1. Yes Mohamed,

      Micro Niche blogging still works and their are many bloggers who rely on it for making huge money, even I had tried my hands on micro niche blogging.
      Wish you all the best and have a try.


  6. Hello Suprabhat, I missed the article as well on that time i did not started my blogging jounrey 😀 Just checking your Facebook activity and got this click. Really good post indeed . I am going to make my Multi niche Blog with my dream project and with my name as well http://WWW.TONMOYPARVES.COM I need your suggestion, how will that? Should i use this Domain? Is that OK ?

  7. Hey buddy,
    Share some real link building strategies which you do to rank your micro niche blogs 🙂 ! I am seriously looking for “link building for micro niche blogs” since few days but didn’t find any perfect guide 🙁 at all. Can i expect some real link building strategies revealed on your next blog post ? I am waiting for your reply eagerly !

    Warm regards,
    Issac paul
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  8. Thanks for the great post. All though, I already have a blog but I wanted to build a micro-niche blog to generate some extra income with Adsense. Thanks again for this helpful content.

  9. Great post especially for bewbies to want to take blogging as profession.
    I have a question if i buy domain name and hosting then i also have to buy a theme for wordpress?Why i can’t use free themes?I checked prices for a single theme it costs nearly $50.And a beginner like me who doesn’t have experience in blogging this wuold be a risk plus i have no experience in writing SEO optimizes posts.
    So what is probability that my blog will rank on first page?After sp3nding nearly $150 dollars to build a blog?

  10. Thanks,suprabhat for your interest in helping new blogger.
    I have written about 15 post, I try to share it and I have tried to make it a micro niche, but Alexa is still not seeing it

  11. we can earn through micro niche site but make sure don’t publish low-quality article it must have something new for your reader and be unique and confident don’t write article by changing little words which are already written by other and share your personal experience or review in micro niche site then there are more chances to be successful

  12. hey admin!
    I am also interested working on gaming micro niche site. so today I was surfing on google for more study on micro-niches sites, and I came to your post on the micro-niche blog. your site contains awesome stuff about making micro niche sites.
    thanx to admin for this type valuable article.

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