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Converting To and From PDF Using Online Services

PDF convertor

 The PDF format is quite popular. That might even be the understatement of the year considering the kind of benefits you can get from using PDF. That being said, a lot of people not only want to use it but need to do so for work related purposes. Using another format in your spare time is one thing but when it comes to work you often times don’t really have a choice and need to use the most efficient format. But what do you do if you have your files in another format and are required to have them in PDF? Don’t fret as there is quite an easy solution out of this jam. You can just convert the files you have into PDF files. There are multiple ways in which you can do this ranging from downloadable software to online services like https://www.sodapdf.com/pdf-to-word/. Whatever you choose however you will probably need to know how it works before you will be able to get any work done. So let’s see just how you go about converting files to PDF format online.

Accessing the platform

The online platform which hosts the conversion tech needs to be accessed first. This is the easiest step in the journey as you just need to find a website or online platform that provides PDF conversion support. Once you find it, simply access that website and continue from there.

Uploading the file

The next step you will want to make is to upload the file that will be needing conversion. The online software can convert things for you but it can’t guess what you want to convert so use the provided button which usually says “browse” or “upload” to find the file in your computer and upload it online.


Setting conversion parameters

If there are certain parameters that you wish the conversion to change or to keep as they were before, you can set these up in the following step. This is the last step before the actual conversion so it’s important to make any modifications needed now.

Converting the file

This is just you pressing the big “convert” button which will start the process of converting the file into a PDF file. This shouldn’t take long but time will vary based on the size and length of the document you’ve just uploaded. Even for very large documents you shouldn’t expect conversion times bigger than a couple of minutes since we’re talking about text files which are usually reasonably small.

Final settings

Once the conversion is ready you can make some final changes before you are done. Here, you can change the name of the file on most platforms and you can choose what to do with the newly created file. In most cases you are given a choice that lets you either send it directly through email or otherwise share it online with someone, even upload it to another website, or download it locally on your computer.

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